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Hey, all you fierce mountain climbers!  As you know, Lucy Joy is climbing a pretty  complex mountain at this current time.  Have no fear, the professional mountain   climbers are here. They are well equipped and ready to gooooo!  The first mountain

is called Mount Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL).  It's known for being a wee bit    scary, but we have the best instructors and the strongest climber in the world. 


Upon that first giant mountain, we have had encountered a few moguls. These       bumps can be scary, but we have the best pack around. 

Lucy is SO strong and courageous. She is doing ALL of the hard things. She is encountering weather, and just keeps trekking. Lucy Joy, didn’t get her name by accident. She delivers joy everywhere she goes. Her smile, oh, that smile. It has truly melted mountains. Her mama and daddy are keeping their spirits up and are doing a fabulous job in this unknown terrain. Big brother, Leo is ready for his baby sister to come back home. 


How can we help make this trail a bit smoother? 


Our wonderful #LucyStrong community has designed a shirt to show Lucy and her family just how much we love and support them. All profits from the shirt sales will go directly to Lucy's family to help pay for the unforeseen expenses, extended hospital stays, and other medical expenses.


The t-shirts are soft as snow. Nothing but the best for Lucy Joy's mountaineers. Thank you for your support and contribution. We love you BIG. The best view comes after the hardest climb. 


#LucyStrong    #LetsClimb

Please contact Stephanie Milner ( with any questions regarding pickup. 
She will be sending out pickup information the week of 11/29. 
Thank you for your order!

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