Why thirtyfour8?  Our company is here for you - 34 hours, 8 days a week! Thirtyfour8 is founded on strong family values and high standards, both in quality, workmanship, and customer service.  We're easy to work with and willing to do what we can to meet your needs and expectations.


We are a strong believing Christian family.  We have deep roots in McKinney are are heavily involved in our church and MISD.  It is only through seeking God that I have navigated this crazy life of teenage boys, losing a parent and the "blessing" of having breast cancer twice!  Through my life experiences I KNOW that the Lord is good and he blesses those who take refuge in Him (Psalm 34:8).


We hope you enjoy our original creations.  We'd love to work with your school, company, family or friends on your next project!  May you be blessed too by HIM through our little company called THIRTYFOUR8.

-Amy (Jeff, Landon and Bryce)